Small Churches

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Small Churches are adult classes meeting at Grace during the 9:00 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. services to study God's Word and grow closer to God and others. They provide people with an opportunity to be involved, known, and loved within Grace Church. Most groups are ongoing; however, occasional short-term electives are also offered. You may join a Small Church at any time throughout the year. Come, join a Small Church and get connected…it truly is where we bring faith to life.

If you have questions about Small Churches at Grace, please contact Susan at or 952-224-3031.


Connecting in Christ
Room M213 • Teaching Leader: Paul Virts
This Small Church is a group of Christians who are interested in growing deeper in their faith through in-depth Bible Study and personal application of the Scriptures to daily living.  We also spend 30 – 40 minutes each week in fellowship with and in prayer for each other. We welcome Friends of all ages.

Energized for Christ
Grace Cafe Dining Room • Teaching Leader: David Carlson
This is a  dynamic Small Church that is open to adults of all ages.  This year we will be studying the book of Revelation with the magnificent and wonderful message of salvation in Jesus.  It blesses all who read this book and warns those who oppose Christ. Be ready and tell others!  Arrive at 8:45 am for fellowship and treats!  For more information, visit this small church's website at

Room M152 • Teaching Leaders: Michael Minich and Peter Gardner
This is a newly launched multi-generational Small Church looking for Individuals or couples from any age groups who are interested in studying the Word of God and building strong connections between generations.

Living Hope
The Commons • Teaching Leader: Rick Boswell
This is an intimate Small Church that circles up to focus in on Scripture and prayer. They are studying the book of Ephesians and plan to continue studying the rest of Paul's letters to the Church going forward.  It is open to friends of all ages.


Room M152 •  Teaching Leader: Roger Watke
This is  a vibrant Small Church of almost 100 senior adults who believe in studying the Bible to glean truths that will help them live a full Christian life. Together they sing, pray, fellowship, and study the Word each Sunday as well as pray for the Grace Church missionaries. They have seen God answer prayers in wonderful ways! You are invited to attend and they assure you of a warm "Classic" welcome.

Cords of Three
Room M154 • Teaching Leader: Bill Hogan
This Small Church is a group that is both interactive and social, and consists of selected teachings on various biblical topics each Sunday. Individuals and couples of all ages are welcome to attend.

In Search of Truth
Room M150 • Teaching Leader: Jeff Verdoorn
The Bereans were commended by Paul in Acts 17 for receiving the message "with great eagerness and examining the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true."  This Small Church does in-depth Bible study and is open to all who desire to search the Scriptures as good "Bereans." 

Parents of Teens
Room M259 • Teaching Leader: Mike Dobies
This is a dynamic group of parents navigating their way through the joys and pains of life with teenaged children. They tackle many of the issues bombarding our Teens (and us!) during this stage of life. Together, we can learn from the Bible—and from the wisdom of each other—better ways to handle the curve balls that get thrown our way. Often, laughter is the best medicine. Just knowing we are not alone is reassuring. This Small Church is highly interactive as people regularly share stories, ask questions, and engage with the issues pertaining to parenting teens. Plus, they enjoy social events and service projects. The class meets during the school year and takes a break during the summer.

Trail Mix
Grace Cafe Dining Room • Teaching Leader: Greg Sandvig
Trail Mix is a tasty blend of adults who are starting to experience the empty nest time of life. We will study God's Word, encourage one another, and "mix" in some fun as we travel the "trail" together and leave a trail of good works behind us.